When you are single beyond the socially accepted normal age you are forced to hear some unsavoury things about yourself from people who may not even really know you. Sample some of these :

1. Maybe you aren’t trying hard enough/meeting the right ones.

2. The one you are with hasn’t asked you yet? Maybe they are only interested in a casual relationship.

3. It will happen when it is supposed to (though said to help, this advice just makes you intensely aware of the not yet happened part)

4. Why, she is smart, funny, beautiful. Can’t imagine why she is single still. Is she too picky?

5. To parents : you should force her to marry. You shouldn’t have let her study so much.

6. Do you have very high standards?

7. You should have just decided to live with (insert annoying quality of the ex).

8. Gay? Asexual?

9. If you wait some more, no one will want to marry you and you will die alone.

10. Are you very career oriented?

11. Are you a feminist?

12. Maybe she is not a virgin anymore?! Maybe she can’t conceive?!

What are the ones you have heard about being the long suffering single?