That’s going to be my mantra. After I vented and said so many things to boyfriend about how getting married at a certain time was important to me, he said it felt like a gun to his head. I am angry and sad at the same time. What did he expect after 3 years? And how long should I just hang on?

I am very confused and more than that just full of grief that it has come to this. I have to accept he isn’t ready but if that is still the case, I am not so sure I want to stick around. I mean I love him a lot, but I see no way out. I am just frustrated and I guess a beautiful relationship is already lost in all these ultimatums and trying to just get him to see my side. Aren’t relationships supposed to be romantic? Isn’t he supposed to want to propose to me now that he has a job and everything is settled?

So I feel all I can do is just work. Now even if he proposes, I am never going to feel secure. This has just been ruined totally I feel and I don’t know how much of the blame is solely mine. I am just going to focus on working. At present that is the only thing under my control, my job and so I will be the best there.