Exactly how I have been feeling and yes I am not quite at stage 3 yet.

Uncharted Waters

it seems like every girl of this generation must go through a three step process when thinking about their career.

First. The encouragement stage:  In this stage the young girl is encouraged to apply to college, to travel, to be whatever she wants to be.  Scholarships are easy to get, even though girls now make up a larger percentage of undergrads than boys. This is a stage without limitation. A young woman sees successful women like Hillary Clinton and doctors and professors, and only senses the “up” direction for her career.  Settling down and having children are looked down upon – you are bombarded with messages from your high school health teacher, the media, etc. that getting pregnant would be a disaster.  College’s hookup culture doesn’t give you much practice actually having relationships.  Your career starts off well and then…

Second.  The “intentionally dumbing down” stage. …

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