I have vented a lot these past few days and so here is a gratitude list to focus on what I really am thankful for :

1. I am messed up but no one has given up completely on me so far. My family, my friends, my colleagues, my boyfriend and of course those of you who stop by this blog, still continue to listen to me, sometimes patiently, sometimes not so.

2. Things are getting better in my career.

3. I am finding it in me again to read academic books that will help my profession.

4. I have not given up on myself and do bounce back and even end up having fun with friends from time to time (this is huge for me because earlier I would just mope a whole lot more and then mope because I felt guilty of moping before).

5. Many people are coming forward to help me with finalising a place to move in when my lease ends.

6. I can see my flaws more clearly, which means, I can correct them sooner.