For a reporter who has never been to the US, but has seen situations like 26/11, the events unfolding at Boston were an eerie reminder of just how fragile life can be. The last two nights, I have been glued to the TV, not just because the events themselves were surreal, but also because as a journalist, I wanted to see how CNN, NBC and other international outlets handle this.

I must say I am thoroughly impressed. I write this as reporters across the spectrum not just heave a sigh of relief but also convey the feeling of we are safe now to their viewers. I am also amazed by how the on field reporters are also very honest and realistic about their expectations of what answers and closure to expect from the agencies. There are no pretenses, no one is saying that everything is great. I get a sense of we suffered, we have tried to make sense of all of it, but more importantly, we are all together in this.

That sense of empathy is so important when a community goes through something like this. I remember 26/11 and just how chaotic everything was. And I remember how in the aftermath, there were no words of reassurance. There was the usual talk of resilience, there was also some talk of finding the culprits, but the political discourse was and still continues to be that of blame games and religious divisions.

Our country has sort of become accustomed now to terror attacks. Every few months, a series of low intensity blasts shake some city or the other and the suspects are never caught. Compared to that, looking at what America managed today, I feel people there should really be grateful that they can at the end of the day, still depend on their security forces.

However, one thing was very similar to our country. The internet witch hunt and disinformation. I hope everyone apologises to the families of the 2 who were wrongly named as suspects.