Inspired by Confuzzledom‘s brilliant idea, I have decided to dedicate this March, the last month of my 20’s to try and eat at 20 different eateries in my city. I already tried 3 by now. So here’s what I did.

First place was a dinner with friends, a restaurant called 5 Spice. I had imagined that the bill would be humongous but it came to only about 200 bucks a person. We ate Chinese there, the quantity was good and we ordered 2 noodles and 2 gravy dishes for 5 people. And call it my getting old, it was Sunday night and I was genuinely pleased that no one wanted to drink 😛

The second place was a restaurant called Samrat, this had cuisine from a region of our country called Gujarat. Slightly expensive, but the waiter was so attentive to me. He kept bringing in more rotis before my plate would be empty and generally kept on asking without being intrusive what were my choices for accompaniment, dessert etc. I really liked that.

The third was a newly opened cafetaria near my office, so it was typical lunch items. That’s not highly adventurous I know, but I have kept my targets clear. I am not too much of a foodie and I do tend to get a little lazy and make excuses about not going somewhere if it is expensive. That comes from our limited means in childhood. I am not rich now, but I can take care of my own expenses and live comfortably. Can’t afford the latest shiny things, but life is good and I intend to keep it that way, hence the careful spending. So I have told myself, I will target 20, be it regular joints or fine dining. Just that they have to be 20 different places.

My colleague R, has sent me a list of the places she thinks I should try. I keep telling her she needs to start a food and eating out blog. She would end up earning for reviews, that’s how knowledgeable she is about it. So 3/20 is my score as of now. Cheer me on ladies 🙂