One of the things about hitting 30 for me has been to try and stop fighting reality, however uncomfortable reality is. It is a challenge because we are always told to do better and the positive thinking and over achieving industry has made us believe we could all have everything we want. This industry tells you that if you didn’t get something, you really didn’t want it bad enough. Really? Is it all that simple? I don’t know what to believe about that statement yet.


But I know I need to accept reality and so as usual I am trying to make a list of what I can and what I cannot change. I have to realise that there are some things, that if I fight, will only drain my energy and make me feel more negative. I also have to give up some control and the ideas of what I thought my life should be at 30, or even stop trying prove to others that I am a functional adult. I am, of course, even if it doesn’t match their definition of it. Bottom line, therefore, that I should be caring less about everything 🙂