I certainly don’t even know if I am sure of myself, that’s how confused I am. I rarely have trouble with what colour clothes or shoes to buy or wear. Those decisions are easy peasy. But I have trouble with the big things. Should I trust someone? Is he the One? Does she really mean it when she says she thinks I am a good friend? Or is the entire world laughing at me behind my back?

If there is anything I fear the most, it is humiliation. My worst nightmare therefore is a room full of people I trusted, admired, looking at me and laughing out loudly while I shrink into this ball of nothingness.

And hence I am very scared of people and trusting them. My mother always told me that I don’t judge people well. I trust the wrong ones and sometimes she has been right because I have been heart broken. For the last 2 days, someone close to me has been giving me grief for choosing wrong friends, losers I am being told. By extension that would mean this person thinks I am a loser too my ego chirps up. And I don’t know should I believe this person? Or should I believe the mistake-making me? Are you guys sure of yourself?